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Mark Hanson
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Hello Nishit thank you for your reply and explanation, well it seems that the functionality is outdated and it is collecting numbers in VOIP DB. We could not order any number from dashboard 1 page this is all issues being generated from.

The question is how we can upgrade all this functionality so we can order numbers from our vendors. It seems that DB data holds outdated information and those numbers that are on Peerless are different. Can you please come up with an idea how we can make clients ordering numbers so they are available and orders got trough.

Pagination and numbers orders need to be also sorted, since we assigned this job for you we expected to be updated and here is why out team’s comments above. Kind of miscommunication as we though you have already upgraded dashboard 1 page and search.

When we read your ” i have done some changes on this page or on search” we have heard it as – “it is ready you can test” i think it is good if you could give us more information about what exactly you changes about and what has been done, which is fine we will keep it for future communication.

So what would be your plan regarding numbers ordering? Are we able to keep fresh Peerless data or request numbers right from Peerless DB?