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Mark Hanson
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Hi thank you for #7559 have got message from admin that search is not working,
the vanity that are available on our vendors not shoing on the search, more over we have tested simple numbers to search and found that some numbers being fund are not available on vendors for some reason.

Those we found trough search we tried to order and while ordering the error saying that number is marked not available in our inventory however we have got an email from voip that new order has been placed for # .

We tried CA x00 and x888 inteligent it finds some numbers but they are not in inteligent.
We select some numbers and no meter which number we select first showing not available, the second numbers showing as available and we click purchase then seeing a message that is not available.

Also when numbers listed pagination does not work as well, we click next page but numbers showing from 1 to 10 if we go to third page – numbers are changing but numbers orders are still from 1 to 10 when we used all pages but pages not going any further.

So as a result there is a kinda of a mess here hoping fix it all on next week.