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Mark Hanson
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Hello Nishit thank you for your updates, for #9661 we definitely need to sort that out and have to optimize that area.
In the same time we will need notifications but not in the way how it is. I have sent request to the project team to get more details but i also know that they rely on your skills too in terms of how we can moderate each particular functions area to make the site loading fast.

Please see if you come up with any idea how this notifications can be stored and wher. If we can make a lasy loading kinda option to load some notifications and on lick more load more.

Alternately flush old notifications that are 5-10 days old or after 1000 of them. Important point here is that each notification is being monitored as site admins hunting specific numbers from it and all this notification messages being sent by email i believe and this process must be kept but optimized.

Im guessing when number released – notification sent and admin recognized about the stock.
Once all this in place old notifications 10 days old (for example) flushed from the system.

Please also check if all this data being stored somewhere probably DB and if old numbers released 10-15 days ago if they actually valid and available any more.

So this all measures above we should be aware of but see what your thoughts area and i hope will hear something from production team and site admins as well.