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Mark Hanson
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Hi Nishit for PHP V UP Repairs, please find some more issues come today these functionalities below reported as broken or working incorrectly, can you please check and fix it if necessary:

1) EN Back End Orders status – in orders area – if admin untick box next to the envelope icon, then what ever operations made by site admin (status cahnge, pin etc) there should not be ANY notifications sent to clients BUT ONLY ADMIN MUST RECEIVE notifications. IF admin wants to notify clients about updates then admin tick the mail box and then notification goes to the client including site admin!

2) EN Back End – Activate Pending Numbers https://excellentnumbers.com/admin/index.php?ToDo=viewactivepending – Numbers status showing incorrectly, also when admin clicks on Activate Number there is nothing happening, we have tried from our end it sometime works sometime does not could you please double check.

3) EN Back End – Returns https://excellentnumbers.com/admin/index.php?ToDo=viewReturns – when admin processing returns or (putting notes, updates etc.) then saves updates there is a failure message coming up ” Unable successfully update returns” could you please fix it.