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Hello Mark, Nishit thank you for following up with all the tasks,

Hi Mark – as i can see the API work flow has a defect there should not be any order generated on EN IF customer has got no credit with EN can you please add a task to this job with adding extra funds for API modification as we discussed.

Hi Nishit thank you for #9544 it is all good except: ” if the store credit is not available then it creates order with ‘Awaiting Payment’” can we please modify this to If the store credit is not available the system rejects the order with the kind message: You have got not enough store credit to proceed please top up your store credit and try again.

– for top up link to the EN top up page.

For latest V# upgrade hopefully it will work on EN please let us know when you done with this so we will check from our end too.

There is an other issue with creating manual orders for some reason some site admins can not detect a pincode upon orders creation. Probably while using mobile site could you please double check, will request video from them so we can investigate.

Thank You