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Nishit Shan
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For #9527
2) The screenshot link is same as the 1st one. Please re-upload it.
1 ) I we have a user Test6 which does not have the customer account on telinta( https://excellentnumbers.com/temp_vid/1.jpeg).
And i choose a number (718) 509-0543 to order( https://excellentnumbers.com/temp_vid/2.jpeg ).
Then i created order for it ( https://excellentnumbers.com/temp_vid/3.jpeg , https://excellentnumbers.com/temp_vid/4.jpeg ).
Then i go to the number activation page and then i tried to activate the number on telinta and it worked(https://excellentnumbers.com/temp_vid/5.jpeg).

I also check this on telinta the number is assigned to the EN account (https://excellentnumbers.com/temp_vid/6.jpeg)