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Good day team,

Sorry Nishit for delay with our response sometime ( time difference 🙁

for Coupon Code Selection : Every time when we create a manual order we have to do multiple extra steps going to our coupon code page, finding this client for whom we create a manual order then copy this coupon code and paste it to the manual order coupon code field.
What we want here so you can link some data of our coupon orders database to manual orders creation process. In particular we need you to link a customer from the coupon code page to manual order creation page.

For example, I would link our coupon code client name to the step when we search and pick exciting customer from the list during our manual order creation process. So by the time when we come to the stage when finalizing our manual order process and need to assign its client coupon code into our coupon code field the system already keep that data and on click this particular client coupon code being input in one click at the end.

i hope it makes sense for you, so no need to create any pages or re do anything just a few lines of codes so the system picks clients’ coupon code at one click.
Please let us know if you have any questions on this.

As per #6856 multiple vendors numbers fetching we are currently consulting with our vendors tech team (Peerless in particular ) to allow us access to all of their numbers DB so when our clients request any numbers the system connects to all available vendors DB (in this case intelligent and Peerless) and provide all the matching combinations available.

If you have any better ideas on this logic functionality that will not overload our work flow and machine resources, please do not hesitate to contact us which will be highly appreciated.

Kind regards Andrey