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Nishit Shan
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For #6855

a) Done
b) if any backend/ajax process is take place then the glob loading image (https://i.postimg.cc/ZRNfhZ7j/Screenshot-from-2022-08-16-12-18-49.png) in the popup display the after or before the ajax or bacend process. so currently the glob was disappear when popup is displays.

For #6856

I tried it to search on both api on same time but it does not work as i aspect. For numberbarn as my point of view it seems the number are managed from the database.

1) It is 50-50 chances for display numbers from both vendors if we display it from API directly, because of it’s response time.
2) If we think to merge both APIs numbers then in our scenario inteligent gives same page as result when user click on search again. But it is different for peerless it gives the next page of current result from API on every request.
3) It is possible if we create a database table for number store from both vendor and display it from database. And we can manage further process.