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Hello team, thank you for updates, it is great seeing the project comes to its end,

for #6805 – do not worry about Ported In numbers we do not have them at this stage it is when clients connect their numbers to us so there is no orders for Ported in now.

for IN**** EN inventory Nishti can you please leave default color as it was before we used to this color and we know when it is default EN inventory and it is good if it will be as it was before which is white.


a) On CLEC page there are two blocks in the center of the page 1st on is CLEC inventory search and 2nd Search Result so the second block should be only visible on the page when client requested some numbers and then this block with the search result should be appearing on CLEC page with client’s search results. When site users landing on the page there should be only 1 block visible until any search requested.

b) On CLEC Search page please change wording: Number of Record to Quantity for both title and place holder. “Phone Number” please change to “First Three Digits” and next field “Last Four Digits” so it make sense.

c) we tried to test by searching 6666 number, Florida, 100 then clicked search no loading gif in the top of the page we saw a error message in a horrible looking popup found nothing working in here – please advice if it is early for testing? If so please do not forget loading gif, nicely framed popups in the center of the page not at the top and working search.

d) it seems when we search 4 digits number 8888 we can see “c)” scenario we need to find the way how we can find request such numbers with last for 8888 if it is hard to do search with four digits then please think about adding a “*” in front if 888 so the request goes *888 and customer gets a numbers of options with last 8888.

d.2) On selected numbers table there should be clickable “x” instead of Remove as it is shown on the sketch. when “x” clicked then number removed.

e) we tried to pick one number from search then clicked CONFIRM the pop up message appears saying “Please select shipping address” please change it to “Please select an activation info” we selected an option from the right hand side and clicked confirmed then after sometime successful page come up. Please put loading globe and message processing everywhere when customers click any button to avoid confusion and testing failures.

f) when order generated there is a wording “My Orders” ; Pending please change “My Orders” to “Status”. Also on the same page we selected activation info but it was not showing on this page please ensure it shows here.


for #6776
c) Done – Nishit could you please make the font of the numbers big enough to fit in a row please check on laptop.

for #6775

g) we have refund some money to a client on 6th of August and client request dated on 26 July. When we complete refund on Refund Details next to refunded date it shows the date when refund has been initiated bit not the time when it has been requested. Therefore the Refund Details the time for refunded time should be 6th of August not 26th of July. Could you please fix it.


We tried to search some numbers and found one number say 210 222 8881 then we clicked that and this number moved to Selected table which is al correct. Then we assumed situation when customer changed his mind and removed this number but this number did not come back to available table.

Then we checked intelligent reserved numbers this number was not there and then we tried to search this number on intelligent DB and we could not find it. The question is do you know where this number gone and how it all works?

it looks very good team it takes a bit more time for completion but hoping you guys can finish this this week.

Kind regards Andrey