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hello everyone, hope you have had good weekends,
Nishit, Mark did we complete the CLIENT ID task in this job or not?

Task Details
” In this task please add the following exception: – If client is not in Telinta by default let the numbers being activated to Telinta’s Excellent Numbers Client ID. Please ensure that site admin able to activate all the numbers from EN backend for all the clients (including those that are not in Telinta) to Excellent Numbers Client ID by default.”

we have got got a clients complain that they still can not activate the numbers for those clients that are not in Telinta. The customers activate phone numbers but it seems this task is not working and customers that are not in telinta still not being registered to telinta Excellent Numbers Client ID

i have just checked this job forum discussions and found some posts regarding this task:

but still not clear if this task done or not, would you please check and advice?

Could you please also clarify which tasks in this Job are complete so we can test them and confirm?

thank you
Kind regards Andrey 😉