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Mark Hanson
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Hello Nishit thank you for your updates

Numbers Price Addon – thank you will check and get back to you if any issues:

for your For Vendors Search budget concerns, will address your query to finance, i think they can increase the budget for you but not sure if it will be increased that much as you advice but will let you know shortly.

The main problem is that we are a bit behind the schedule, and planning looking at possibilities to catch up with time. We have got more work to do but very slow with outcome. We plan jobs to do and set time for them but when we do a job something else breaking up and we rolling back with all repairs and that rework time is costly for us.

When you saying that it will be about 80 hours for you i assume when the job done we will find multiple issues across the site and that time maybe increase for the company.
Any way will get that sorted for you and what ever can be increased will be updated on your page.