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Jeff Simpson
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Hello Nishit we got your update, Mark is not here today and will be back tomorrow,
i have read your correspondence and aware about Voip test result meeting with project admins, i think it would be better to rectify all the points mentioned in #12031 and #12034 so then we can meet Voip team again.

If i also can suggest to approach Voip admins feedback seriously as they were very unhappy with the out come. However we have explained to them that this was a demo version and we haven’t had any preliminary inspection on your task outcome.

There is an other important message for you today, that Voip project has scheduled to migration to an other instance and project migration time set on the end of this week. This is why we would like you to ask to pause your files uploads by the end of this week and create your local backups so we can migrate all the project files to an upgraded architecture.

It is expected to face a down time for the period of Voip project migration (30-31 Mar) and we assuming to re start Voip project directories by Monday next week. So you will be able to continue your work on Monday 1st of April AUS time.

Thank you again for your hard work.
Happy Codding