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Nishit Shan
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Hello Mark,

1) If API request detect that the number does not belong to the user will the system sends a duplicate respond? If yes then it is a mistake.
My comment: The number will only fetched for the respected user. No other user’s number will be fetched in API response.
2) Also we have got PIN code in Telinta and Vendor where the system gets this info?
My comment : From Vendor
3) some time there is a same number but there are two different pin codes: for example 1001 in Telinta and 6708 in Ineloquent (the priority should be from the vendor) is that in our system?
My comment: If you see the admin comment in #11959 post. The admin asking for port out pin not pin code. And the port out pin is comming from vendor(In this case it will come from Ineloquent)

4) If for some reason the API respond did not come trough due to various reasons (internet connection is down or vendor web source maintenance delay what kind of message come to the customer? Will it be sort of a error code or message will the system re send the API call again?
My comment: In this case system will send timeout error.