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Mark Hanson
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Hi Nishit thank you for your #11935
your screen shots looks like display an API returns but we can not see it this – probably it requires special parameters to request this call and see what you have attached we understand that.

What we want to see is – we do not need to see this coddings we want to see how actual numbers will be looking from that API we need a dummy display with numbers so site admin can check and confirm: -” Or i can see how numbers are looking for this customer” site admin not a developer and they are nor going to play with any parameters and codes it is their customers problem not the site admin.

When site admin looks in your documentation it does not tell them that now task has complete they want to see how the actual numbers from Voip will be displaid on customers websites.

Imagine if you are not developer and just an old person who does not undrestat coddings and all your parameters and then you ask developer to show how your code display a nice photo galery on your page and developer send you this:

would you see an image there???? most likely you say that this does not work and i can not see any images but developer replies back to you and say: – “are you dummy ? just use this code and there will be an image” – So i hope you understand what i mean now so please make a page and show an image (your api work in action so customer could see the real numbers and understand how your API works in real life:)

for this you can create an addtional page where customers and site admin could see how their numbers look on a life web and then they will start using your API by asking their developers to add this to their projects. Alternately you can add an illustration images of how numbers will be looking like on their web so it is all clear for all developers and dummys 😉

Thank you for : “I will enhance the page user interface.”
Please ask if any more questions we will be here for an other 15 mins.