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Mark Hanson
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Hello Nishit thank you for your reply and screen shots but we need to show actual work to the site admins not your screen shots; From your screen shots i guess there is an API that cuustomer needs to embed in their website and thats how they can see their numbers and this would be all good, however here are some problems we need you to resolve for us:

1) Yes please enhance the selection box so site admin can easy search clients and less confusion on providing restrictions or accessibility to their customers.

2) We can see that API permition functionality works we enable customers and API access become available for authorized customers but when we click on API tab when we logged in from those customers we can see a source code and we can not see anything else so our inspection ends here.

3) We assume that on links API that are available on documentation page we should see something that you sent us on your screen shots in #11935 this is also cool BUT we need to see a sample page how all this API coding’s look in action so we know if customers put these API codlings on their websites how it looks in action how the numbers showcase look like.

In other words voip site admins want to see how these APIs look alive and how the numbers will display on their page we can not see it and we can not access your API outputs. So it would be great if you took this API and add them on a page or two and we could see how (for example Great Numbers Inc) website page will be looking like with all these

All Numbers
Active Numbers
Inventory Numbers

As for now we can not see anything of above except site admin selection box which is confusing.
So could you please rectify all above 1,2,3 so we can then test it all and close this job.


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