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Mark Hanson
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Your question we understand Nishit but in our finance documentation the jobs that done and paid – Siliconinfo company is the ID in charge we can see that there are some other developers name appeared under Siliconinfo company but we can not take any name from the company to consideration as legislation of the development process linked between Webmaklay and Siliconinfo.

In our papers it shows the job released and it is paid and if it is not working we seek your as (Siliconinfo) assistance at first to resolve this issue.

I would suggest to contact your company and ask them who’s been working on any task if you change developers often and find such answers why this task has not been completed in full and discuss within your organization for resolution matters.

Unfortunately we can not ask our finance to pay for this task again if the task got broken or someone from Siliconinfo has not finished this job or any other developing cross conflicts appeared.

I hope you understand our concern.