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Mark Hanson
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Hello Nishit thank you for your updates, yes please stick to the site design and if any adjustments we will let you know.

Please find some comments today below:
a) In Voip site admin – Portout orders we can see only Inteliquent port out orders but we can not see Peerless port out orders would you please check if it is working?

b) On same page we checking our Inteliquent portout and finding lates ..404 portout order status order can contail multiple numbers. Order is showing port out from us to some other telecom providers . So from Inteliquent we have manually approved ….404 order so it is now showing pending so order is pendng after we approved portout and confirmed day it shows 14th February so pending should be turned to complete on 14th February. Then we clicked on this order and we can see the order details dropdown and it shows one number is being ported out and status of the number FOCD (Firm Order Confirmation Date) which means the date is alreay set and it is 14th of February.

So now we going to Voip port out orders and finding this order ….404 and when we click on the order number it does not show order details what we can see is just loading bar and no any order information as we can see on Inteliquent and we tried to clock update but still no data for port out orders. Could you please check so the port out order details pops shows as it is on Inteliquent as it is still not working.

For your # 11838 message – i have got a good news for you that the team increased Customer API budget more and probably (according to the meeting we held today) they are happy to bring it to you $400 NZD target but team worried about some points as – some works done and paid but not fully working (same as i attached some comments above this message ) also team want you to be more accurate and innovative on details when you do the job. For example if you doing some work we not mentioned some details as arrows pointing down, icons or loading gifs while customer starting any processes so team would like you to be more innovative in adding on some small points while you doing your work if it is a popup message so it has nice looking frames and colors, icons and ect.

So could you please make sure it is all in place so we can see your accuracy on small details. When we will come close to the end of developing Custom API task we will check again and and more likely the finance will add additional funds to this task to match your request.

Please let us know if any questions.