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Hi Nishit how are you, Mark is not in today so i have gone trough of your correspondence and i can see there are some confusions and missunderstanding going on here so let me try to put more clarity on some topics you guys texting from last week.

For Customer API: The main purpose for this task is to allow customers to get fetch their numbers on their websites with NUMBER STATUS – this is important. Currently they display their numbers on their website but for some numbers sratus changed bun on customer’s website they number show old status and we want to help them to directly featch their numbers via API right to their website.

So if customer Great Numbers Inc customer adds his user and password on the API library they can see ” My Current Inventory” and Voip users current inveentory numbers being deisplayd on their own websites. All cutomers numbers WITH STATUSES (as it is on Telinta) – this is important.

If “Great Numbers In” dounloaded api library they should put their login user and pass in to the API docs and they can see only “Great Numbers In” inventory with its statuses – this is important.

If “Webmaklay” customer use API library same thing but ‘Webmaklay” customer only can see their inventory with statuses only and can not see Great Number Inc inventory. Each user can add their credentails and only can see their own assigned Numbers with statuses – this is important.

Some customers have got huge amout of numbers as Great Numbers In please make sure they can download all of their numbers feel free to read Peerless and Inteliquent telecom portal how it works there and do the same structure but customers with large amout of numbers should be able to download / display ALL OF THEIR NUMBERS WITH NO ISSUES.

for your #11834 – yes we will add some more funds to this task but do not worry too much about documenattion there should be few sentences instructions displaid on Customer API page we do not want you to spent too much time on that as long as the API library works and customers know for example : –
* Please download the API LIbrary ZIP upload it to your Public Html server
* Add this snipet to your page where you want your numbers and download button displaid.
* Feel free to contact your local developer to change styles and options how you wnat your inventory to be displaid on your website.

DONE three should not be too many explenation discussions. Customers can add their our API code to their page they wnat and if they need any custom workthey can consult with their own developers for that.

We keep some more budget for this task as later we would need to add such features as PinCode Changing Call Forwarding, Numbers Activations, Portout validation (With apporve or Reject) features, to this API but this is going to be a difrrent task later on but im telling you now so you can build this API such a way so it will be easy for you to add other parameters.

This is an other loong discussion topic. Firstly lets make us clear that THERE IS NO ANY CUSTOMER ID and this is why it is not available on their API library.

Some of our numbers are on Inteliquent and some are on Peerless.
Those numbers that are on Inteliquent we can know Rate Centre, Pin Codes and others.

Inteliquent does not know what customer owns numbers on their platform. For Inteliquent they can see Voip – is their client. Inteliquent do not care who we sell our numbers too and how we sell our numbers. So WE WONT FIND CUSTOMER ID on Inteliquent API.

This is how it works- customer come to one of our client Great Numbers Inc for example and say: – i want to buy a number and would like to move it to my own provider “TM Mobile” for example. They sent request to inteliquent and Inteliquent sents this request automaticaly to us via webhook and this request we can see on Portout table on voip that you have already done. So request sent to Inteliquent and then it comes to us right here: https://portal.voip.us/admin/port_out and from our table we Voip already can see that this Number assigned to “Great Numbers Inc” (on Telinta) then it means this is Great Numbers Inc port.

We have already done two portout tables one in site admin https://portal.voip.us/admin/port_out and the other one is for our customers https://portal.voip.us/port-out – by the way please check this customers page portout if this table has completed and works as it will help you to work on other tasks. If somthing not finihsed somwhere this is why we are gping trough diffrent confisions on othre tasks.

Once again both Inteliquent and PeerlEss do not know customer’s ID but Portout Number is with us and we should know ID and this is how you can make portout notifications and othre tasks as it is should not be a problem if we have got all other tasks complete properly.

Aftre portout our system knows taht this number belongs to great number inc. Since we are getting this data from Telinta then you guys can work it out from Telinta and Voip.

So i hope it is now clear with all the tasks. Will leave it with you and hope you can make it all working now.
Now – Will talk to accounting and Voip team will invcrease Customer API budget but please make this all working properly and if it is good and wont take ages we may add more funds to it once checked.

Hoping that Mark will be back tomorrow.
Have a happy codding to you.
Thank you!