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Mark Hanson
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Hello Nishit thank you for your messages due to multiple links some of your messages go to a pending forlder for some reason they all are here now.

So for your questions i guess we need to break this tasks in sections to make it complete and working.

1. Firstly we need to make this page https://portal.voip.us/port-out working. When customers login in and click on Port Out page they should see their port outs. For example if customer Great Numbers Inc logged in then system should display Great Numbers Inc portout only. How system knows which users’s portout i think you already know when your were working on this page https://portal.voip.us/admin/port_out admin side portout records. Both site admin portouts and user port outs tables should work properly then it will be easy to maintain further works. To clarify that site admin can see all the users portout records data but users only see their own portouts. Once number ported out the number assighed for particular user and all the data should diplsay all columnns for users portout info https://portal.voip.us/port-out.

So please make sure this first step tunned up properly and functioning.

2. Second phase we can now start seting up a porting notification page. When customer clicked on Porting Notification tab it should lead them to a page where customer can add their data where all porting notifications should go to. So fo that i guess it should be a panel where customer adds his:

Name, Surname and Email address.

This panel should say that to this selected name surname and email system will be sending port out notifications.
Customer can add multiple contact references as he want. Once all this data has neen added then these two 1 and 2 sections of the task become paired.

for example when port out received on this page https://portal.voip.us/port-out it should be then automatically sent to the customer details indicated on Portout Notifications page. From now on portout notification shouod go only to those contact details that are mentioned on Portout Notifications page. (You did simmilar work on ExcellentNumbers project) So when port out order appeared on https://portal.voip.us/port-out page customer can either approve it or Reject. So please consider some approve and reject buttons here.

Same for notification emails the email should be sent to the preferred customer contact email and email should contain two buttons approve or reject portout and when customer clicks on any of them it should lead them to this page https://portal.voip.us/port-out to approve or reject.

I would strongly suggest to modify this page https://portal.voip.us/port-out so it looks something similar as on Inteliquent please go to INTELIQUENT – Number Porting- Portout https://portal.inteliquent.com/CustomerPortal/numbersHomePortOut.htm you will find a table there which you already done on https://portal.voip.us/port-out but you now need to finish its bottom part https://webmaklay.com/wp-content/uploads/2024/01/portout.jpg. and if customer clics on any order it shows its portout order details as well as approval information.

Please not https://portal.inteliquent.com/CustomerPortal/numbersHomePortOut.htm some of the orders shown as approved and some pending approval. So if you click on pending order you will see the other page with two buttons Reject or Approved.

IF you click Reject it will provides a pop up with message ” are you sure you wnat to reject and so on as per Job description.

3. In this section please focus on notification email structure so it has email title subject: XXX-XXX-XXXX PortOut Validation and email body as per job description with buttons approve or reject.

I hope it is all clear for you to start please let us know if you need more details.