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Mark Hanson
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Hello Nishit, thank you for your updates, for #11788
a) it is now looking good thank you.
b) Thank You
c) TN settings is now working we have chekced that there is a search for the number as a first page and then we add number and clicked Manage button and managing form come up with is good but please make a little gab between number search form and number managing form as they sit very close to each other. In other tasks we will do some work on that page as it still needs some modernasation.
d) Thank you
e) Poertout task we just want yo to make it same way as it is on Ineliquent.
For pending notifications buget tasks can be found about the the task name on mouse over Budget link also you can see it in your office page remaining payout.

for #11789 and #11788 e)
yes you have made a portout table for us but with Portout notifications task this https://portal.voip.us/port-out table functionality should be more like this https://portal.inteliquent.com/CustomerPortal/numbersHomePortIn.htm
kindly pen the ineliquent portout page and our task details so that information will make your mind set for the task plan.