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Mark Hanson
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Hello Nishit thank you for your updates, hope everything is going well,
for your #11570 – we have contacted site admins and Telinta so they can check this issue and they tried to search for numbers and could download thousands of numbers instantly. Would you please check it again and if the error still persist could you send us your codes and responds details so we will investigate.

Also in addition to #11573 when we logged in and visited members home page this member portal page takes time to load so then clicked on TN settings page then when we click back to portal button and the members portal page loadining slow again. We have spoken with some developers and they say that you can do a session load so when customer visited any page and then click back to members portal the page loads instantly and uses already preloaded data so we do not need to wait everytime we back to members home page. Could you please do it?

for #11573 clause 1) issue please try these credentials for your investigation: User Great Number inc and Pass: testtest1234