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Jeff Simpson
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Hey Nishit how is all going, Mark is not in today and will be back to tomorrow, im just reading some of your correspondence about the project processes and we have heard some from Mark too.

When you say #11477 2) We can not combine active numbers and inventory numbers into one tab because the response from API is different.
– would you please advice what do you mean here, is that something you can not do or is there anything we could not understand. We’ve got some developers work on some project where ppl intergrade 4-6 deferent APIs and that was not any issues. On All numbers we just need some API data taken from Telinta’s inventory numbers and accounts (DIDs) all other tabs already taking data from required fields. So why our system can not obtain such parameter’s from Telinta could you please advice?

I also can see Mark already mentioned some other comments and guidelines. Could you please let us know if we can finish this work by the end of this week so we can do some other work before end of this year?