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Mark Hanson
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Hello Nishit i hope you have had a great weekend,
we have had a quick discussion with the site admins regarding some of your statements mentioned in #11365 and #11368 and we have got some replies from them that im going to list down below this message including some of the comments when we went trough the site functionality and observe what has been done so far:

A. We noted that login session started take three times longer as it weas before could you please check that.

B. Download button – not quite right as download button should be only appearing when the numbers at present if no numbers there should not be download button shown. For example i customer added 7777 in LINE filed and no any numbers appeared then no any download button should be visible.

C. We also tried to test your download created button and it does generate a file but name of the file is not quite right too. When we downloaded a file it shows Numbers and Account Number. The file name should be – Inventory day,month,year,time (Inventory-10.Oct.2023)

D. The downloaded file should contain all information that customer selected in Returns Values section. Please see Home Search task description the data should be relevant to the Return Values.

E. In return values please add the following options: “State”, “Pin Code”, “Rate Centre” (in Telita Rate Centre = Description), “Routing To” = Call Forwarding (should be selected by default) but if client decides un select Routing To options they can do so – so when customer select any of these options it should be displayed and responds generated in the download file.

F. Same for the numbers display window – please make sure that numbers header display only the information that customer selected in Return Values. Please see screen shot below: TN Status Selected and it shows in the window but Routing to option is not available in the Return Values but it also shows. So only selected options in Return Values should be reflected in the numbers display window. https://nanotel.app/wp-content/uploads/2023/10/NumbersDisplayHeader.jpg.

G. In search please change “Port Out” field to “Port Out In”

H. We no longer can see percentage loading bar could you please check or you still working on it?

L. Yes we know that Inventory Numbers data on telinta is almost empty – you can take this data from Vendors (Peerless & Inteliquent) I think you have already got these data on both portin and port out table.

M. We tried to login from Great Number Inc client and searched for all of their numbers on members home page. The search respond was 330 pages of and all pages were paged which is good. We clicked downland to generate all of the client’s numbers in to a file but in the downloaded file we could only see 17 numbers!. We know that you have not reported any task conmpletion so we can check but just letting you know that download data in file works incorrectly. Just to let you know.

N. When we logged in we could see the source code error again https://nanotel.app/wp-content/uploads/2023/10/SourceCodeError10.jpg it seems that it still comming up ;(


and finaly one very urgent issue reported – that site admin stooped receiving numbers notifications for some reason. I hope we did not break it while loaded any new files on the server. Just to kindly remind you that New Numbers notifications is very important function for Voip business and they warned us to be carefull with this so it works 24/7 24 hours per day but now it has stopped. The last notification come on 5th of October screen shot attached https://nanotel.app/wp-content/uploads/2023/10/Numbers-Notifications.jpg and since then we no longer seining this notifications comming to the site admin email. Could you please check this and fix it asap.