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Mark Hanson
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Hi Nishit im pulling out some data from #11316 message below:
a) Active numbers are – active ones.
b) All numbers – all numbers
c) Pending Numbers – That waiting Port in or purchased but waiting for activation so not active and not added to active numbers.
d) Inventory Numbers are – DID numbers from Telinta , these are on clients but not activated and have no accounts and this why do not have pin codes. So customer can put pincodes on these numbers. Please remember that Pincodes can not be set on Telinta so pin code request for these numbers should go to Inteliquent.

So according to the above Active Numbers and DID numbers are deferent.
When customer clicks on Active numbers they should see only active numbers whereas when they click on inventory numbers they should see DID numbers from telinta that clients have as their numbers stock and thses are not activated and have no accounts and no pins.

Please let me know if that make sense.