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Nishit Shan
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Hello Mark,

For #11222 :

a) We removed webmaklay.tracker from site
b) When every time user click on pagination link it sends the API request every time for fresh data from Telinta API so it is taking some time to get API Response from Telinta and To create page view.It is taking hardly 10sec to load data on my side. If we load all data once on page load then it will take time(the loading time depends upon quantity of data) Once when page load and then it will not take time to load data on pagination. Working on pagination count issue.
c) As mentioned into (b) the functionality is sending request to the API on every time when click of pagination so we can not determine how much the data is loaded on request because of that it is hard to make this kind of loading GIF with progress bar.
d) Created an order with provided numbers and user detail and it succeeded.
c) I found an issue while notify user for successful order and I made changes for it.

For #11225 :
I can not find any file mentioned URL. It might be removed by server antivirus while execution of this file. But we have to change our credentials for security.

For #11243 :
I checked the code for this. But i can not find any suspicious code for this.