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Hello Mark, Nishit thank you for your help with this:

Mark customer received your request that job is done and can be tested and after their tested they called me so i could check that port in is not working. More over there are some more complains and compliments about it i recorded for you in the video below:

Please Nishit check the video below if you could fix it asap.

Video Recap
a) Please remove webmaklay.tracker code from the Voip project as we have been measuring / monitoring server voip cloud connectivity.

b) Please improve members home numbers loading and pagination. Once first page loaded it should not be taking too much time for loading the same page again. Please checks pagination – if customer has 16 numbers and one page display 10 pages the total pages should be 2 not 5. If 100 numbers there should be 10 pages no more. Those pages that are loaded must not take time for loading them again when plipping pages.

c) once port in request sent the gif appearing good well done Nishit it works also great work that all the page loading fast and only dynamic content being loaded with gif. However could we please have a percentages countdown or bar display percentages progress so customer can see how long time to wait till the loading process complete. 10% to 100% (please Mark Jeff could you please check how much more funds we can add to this task for Nishat to implement)

d) Please ensure the portin functionality 100% works i understand Nishit part he may not be able to test this as he hasn’t got numbers for his testing (please find some numbers below) but please make it 110% working.

Nano Telecom
Account # 3777
20900 NE 30th ave Aventura FL 33180

e) please do not forget to check that notification messages got accordingly to both customers and admin and all the portin reports stored in PortIn table accurately. Please do not forget to checks that port in table also works and has all the filters options.

Thank you team!

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