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Mark Hanson
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Hello NIshit thank you for your message, the search window should come up same as you did for Portin table.
for your link (https://i.postimg.cc/Qdg08Ty3/screenshot-portal-voip-us-2023-09-15-16-44-38.png) it seems that it displays some activated numbers on Telinta here is a numbers activation task in this Job where we can create accounts on Telinta and display on Voip.

On Advanced search you just need to create a search that find numbers with certain filters.
As per number tabs please make same functionality as you did for port in task when ppl click on portin tab portin request window opens and customers can input their requests.

For numbers tab customer clicks on any of the phone numbers tab the advanced search opens with selected phone number’s already in the search window. Please do not worry about Pending numbers for now we will guide you later with this.

for your: “For Inventory numbers functionality for the Inventory numbers listing table is not being generated into past so we need to make a separate task for this” – thats all good will get that with finance and add more fund to your overall payout.

For all numbers once clicked please make sure that once clicked the advanced search opens and then customer will filter what number they want to display Inventory Numbers(DIDs) or Active Numbers from Telinta

For statuses you can create the following statuses: Inventory Numbers, Active numbers, pending port out.