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Mark Hanson
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Hello Nishit how is all going any updtaes on #11117 , #11119?
Please find some more comments below: Just quiding you as you go.

Please implement loading gif aftre all actions so members can see the processes on the page are functional.
When client submiting portin request puting numbers in the list the request does not go and does not work:
Numbers in the list sample below


So the input cshould be from a file, with comma separated xxxxxxxxx,xxxxxxxxxx,xxxxxxxxxx, ect and as a list above.
Could you please check?

Aslo we have got a question for you, Niishit would you please advice if you prefer work on both tasks at the same time (Advanced Search and PortIn) if so we will then cobine budget and both jobs Custom Features and Voip Repairs 23?

Looking forward for your updates.