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Mark Hanson
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Hello Nishit as per video customers upload bunch of numbers for portin request. If you can see on the video those numbers that can be port in apear in the list and those can be sent for protin request.

To do so customers can fillout all the fields that are shown on the video and sent request.
Once request send the ordershould be generated on voip and it can be seen on portin table (same or simmilar table that we already have and you made it).

So once portin order confrimed the porting complete.
It is actually not a complex process as i thought before but after this video is more clear and just need to add all this fields and processes in the pop up window and done.

Once you go ahread and buuild all the fields and porting request process will be guiding you if any quesions.
Also you can login to inteliquent and visit same pages as on the video to help you to understand more.
Hoping to see more updtaes from you.