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Mark Hanson
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Hello NIshit thank you for your updates, well done with progress, yes we can see and tried to test it it checks portin availability for the number which belong to a voip customer. Looking forward for the rest of functionality.

Just to remind Nishit please do not forget to add notifications for the site admin and clients when they add number to check annd clicked check availability the notification message should be apropriate.

for example we tried this (786)786-0100 number and cicked Check… and nothing happened
then we tried 78678-60100 checked = nothing
then we add 7867860100 and could see respond from the server “NO” number is not available for porting.

So if customer input is incorrect then please add a notification somthing like ” Make check number contain digets only without gaps” otherwise ppl think that nothing works 😉

and if numbers input is correct and then click check = “Processing” and so on.
Please keep all the actions with notifications so it looks profectional and user friendly.

Please let us know if you had a chance to fix TN settings page?