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Mark Hanson
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Hello Nishit, i hope you have had a great weekend, thank you for your updates, yes we monitor the progress and saw the popup window you made while clicking on Submi Port in, it is looking good so far we are glad you got the point so now we wait for the next stage when you input some more content on that window fileds and numbers input, also how the functionality works and ect. Thank you for that Nishit it is all good so far but we need to make it functioning as soon as possible.

There are plenty tasks to do and we can not release them all as this Port in holds all the further plans.
Just a tip Nishit – when customer clicks on port in and goes to a porting window slide/popup please do not forget to add an escape buttom if customer change their mind and want to go back to the numbers view page. On Advance Search task you can see our idea was to creaet a slide down window when customer can go to the search area (in your case portin widow) but there is a wrap up icon too so customers can return back to the numbers only view. In your design it is still ok if your window opens diffrently but please keep in mind the escape/ exit button for the customers flexability.

For setting page it is looking better now, thank you for that. Please also check some comments regarding TN settings page too as site admins wating for it to be fixed as well.

Please keep us updated we are trying to start late and staying back for support if you have any question or suggestions.