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Mark Hanson
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Hello Nishit how are you, we are closing as usual today, so just adding some more messages for you for today’s work,
in addtion to your #11085:

– Is the customer can add any number in port-in request or it it only can add from his/her ordered numbers ?
= Port in – means bring any eligible number to our system. So if the number is already in our system it won’t be eligible to port in since it is already there.
The reason why we add this option is only to let potential customers to use their numbers which they have with different carriers in our system. That’s why they will be able to bring their numbers to us.

!“My numbers” – in our portal means that these numbers are already in our system and they cannot be ported in ofcouse.

Aslo just reminding you those commenst about settings page, TN settings and othre issues please let us know if you have fixed them.

Just to let you know since we PortIn job partialy combined with the next job Custom Features (we adding a sliding on click window in the middle column of members home page) we had a meeting with finince and as instructed we have incread this task budget and updated your page. Just one suggestion if you could please make this window looking nicely.

Will check your updates later next day.