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Mark Hanson
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Hello Nishit in addition to #11058 – Mobile view please see a video and more delail comments to hat below:

[video src="https://webmaklay.com/wp-content/uploads/2023/08/Mobile.mp4" /]
Video made from site admin account so we have listed all the issues for that.
1) When non registered user logs in the numbers not being searched could you please fix it?

2) When we search and add numbers to the cart(Peerless in particular) system supose to check the numbers availabilites but somthing does not work right. Some numbers that show not available actulay are available on the PeerLess vendor but on our site it shows Not Available. As per video 1,2 3 numbers showing not available but these are available on the PeerlLess would you please fix this issue?

3) Then when we subbmit an other search 3333 in particular the same numbers being found and we can add them to the cart again (on the video 6,7,8 numbers) so some the numbers being dublicated (same numbers adding again) and when we process buy butto it responds remove unavalable numbers. It is very confusing can you please fix it. Why these numbers showing unavalable but they are actulally available on PeerLess. Please fix it.

4) When we proceed to buy whith those numbers that system apllows the purchase button location is at the top which is an othre confusion. The purcahse button should be right aftre those numbers that are selected for purchase at the botom so customers can see slected numbers and purchase button next to it without scrolling in up and down.

5) When we click Purchase button there is nothing happening. Here we shoudl take it as a rule to display notification messages aftre every action taken on the site. If purchase button has activated the notification or loading gif should confirm processing action. Please make a message “Please wait” and radio waves Gif appaering for the customer so they know that purchase process has been started and displaid on the customer’s moble or desk top screen.

When the numbers purched the should be next message saying numbers purchased.

6) If we slected 3-5 numbers (for example we selected 3 numbers A,B and C) but we could not see any confirmation messages (mentioned in clause 5) then we check emails and we could find email message that number A has been purcahsed but numbers B and C not.
We suspect that wne peaople buying from Peerless system generates a purcase order for EVERY number selected A, B, C and sends three orders for each number A,B,C. So if we select 100 numbers for one purchase the system creates 100 orders and 100 notifications for each number A,B,C,D,E,F,…..ect which is absolutely wrong.

If one purchase contain 5 numbers there should be 1 the only ONE order with 5 numbers in it.
1 Purchase = 1 Order
50 Numbers in One Purcase = 1 Order
2 Purcahses = 2 Orders
an d so on.

PS. Site admin tester also mentioned noted that mobile design structure is looking very good well done Nishit everything being build very smart in terms of step bu step selection and elements positioning. So just these points mostly related to functionalities mentioned in this message above hoping you can fix it soon.

in conclusion.
Nishit please let us know if any tasks you doing new we will report it to finince.