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Mark Hanson
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Hello Nishit thank you for your updates and explanations,
let us hold with floating menu for now we may shedule this update for later jobs

For port-out table would you please advice why we desided to manulay update this table? We may need to add a message at the top of this tablle saying somthing like ” Please click this button to update the table” or can we make it updated when site admin visits the page and third option can we make a pop up window to notify site admin about the table update verytime they visit this page and they can either update it or desregard this message.

Please advice as mentoned erlier some peaople working on the site are maybe aged administartos or changed and thus keep asking us about the same issue everytinme we do it. So let us make somthing that remind them on the page and they no longer ask about this job.

So when we develop somting it has to be not only contemporary looking and frienly it shoudl be aslo retire friendly;)

For port-in functionality: – thank you i hope it will move this job close to its compection as site admins are bussy with various duties and when they deliver job to us they rely on your professionalism and asuming that you can manage the job the best way you can and all access given to you will allow you to get all things sorted.

Customers complain that from mobile the site looks very messy and display diffrent unwanted stuff and does not search numbers. Would you please check this.

Will work on new jobs for you.