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Mark Hanson
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Hello Nishit thanks for more info, your https://portal.voip.us/public/temp/customer_Api_Response.txt API responce could you please translate it for a site admins who can not understand coddings and they simply need a job done as their need, but it seems to be hard for them to deside as they though the settings page was working before and since it is not could you please advice what parameters we can use on settings page from your API call backs.

I guess the client can cange his name, phone number, email and othre parameters, would you please let us know all the parameters that clinet can modify from the setting page so we will send site admin the list and they may get back to us with more ideas.

Unfortunately i can not send this codding sample to the site admin as it is reqire developer’s translation from codding language to human 😉

Please keep in mind that our customers we work with some retired and some are very bussy with other duties and businesses that bring them income and they pay to developer to help them with this.
Please advice.