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Mark Hanson
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Hello Nishit, thank you for your message and updates,

Voip Number Purchasing:

a) I made changes for this error – were you able to investigate this why it has been hapening very often and have you fixed that so it is not going to be occured again?

b) Please tell Me on which page loading is slow. so i can check that page. – mostly on those pages clinets have got multiple numbers and it is being loaded slow. We belive the script feathes huge amount of a customer numbers that are loaded at once and we think if it is possible to make the loading partialy but fast so customer can see the numbers loading numbers apearing stright after one visited his page and all othre numbers/pages keep loading up.

c) I added a button for “Buy more numbers”. Please check it. – For button could you please make a hovering effect so button got sinked once the mouse of tap of it?

Settings Tab
Account Settings – please bring all the possible parameters from the source page via API so clinet will be able to work on his account settings trough voip portal. I have also requested more details from the site admin and update you with more details. If no codding on that will send more details to finince to increase your labour hours.

Login Settings – I made changes for this please review it. New Password for user – Webmaklay is => y!V3a%D8

Spelling – Changes has been made for this – thank you
Footer – for #10918 – yes