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Mark Hanson
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Good morning all, Nishit thank you for your updates and questions:

for Pending Activation Page – thank you will check and get back to you if any issues.

for #10830 and #10831 there is a reservation process regulated from this page link below
since then we also did some addition for site admin to overrule reservation for unlimited period of time, also we did a quick reservation radio button on admin back end products page. One group can reserve maximum 10 numbers and some more than 10.However admin can regulate all reservation settings from the page (link sent above).

for #10836 thank you for your good questions again, we have slightly modified CLEC Inventory task so it will be easier for you to do it. In particular:

1) The max orders that can be ordered from CLEC Inventory page reduced to 100. So customers can search numbers from both Inteliquent and Peerless, view unlimited numbers displayed but only order 100 numbers per one order.To test it it we believe it is enough for you to order 2-3 numbers from your search (approved by site admin) and as long as all numbers go to one order it should be all working for other orders up to 100 # per order.

2) Once client searched numbers and added to one’s cart please allow client to remove unwanted numbers from the same page (cart) by using bulk selection methods.

3) Yes
4) We mean this section of the page not all the page:

if you could please make it looking more professional feel free to put some icons, more stats against each network as per task description.

Table , frames i guess the design which is currently on that page can not be any worse so we welcome your imagination. As i would do – i would wrap both peerles and inteliquent in a table per row, with the columns on the top such as Network status active or not (could be connectivity error) then numbers availability, latest purchases, IP, Clinet ID, status of the order and so on.

The more data the better as if i would be you i would even put a chart line progression numbers purchased per month, year, day and chart line going up if purchasing is progressing and declines if purchases drop.
I hope it will help.

Please let us know if any questions.