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Mark Hanson
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Hello all ,thanks Jeff,

Hey Nishit we have sent requests to finance but it is on hold due to multiple comments and issues that i have been sending to you above and here are some more of them below:

So in addition to #10763 EN team claims that advanced search works incorrectly.

a) here is an other issue: – Site admin tried to search vanity numbers in area code 707 and searched vanity “CARS” and enter.
The search finds plenty “CARS” vanity numbers which is good BUT area code being ignored. Same for other area codes it is not accounting area codes that pre set in AS filter. Could you please fix it.

b) as mentioned earlier in #10763 when site admin searches some numbers (mostly previously sold) they popup with OUT OF STOCK red label https://webmaklay.com/wp-content/uploads/2023/06/out-of-stock.jpg, if you remember sold numbers not suppose to be appearing on search any more as they are sold and do not exist. Especially with red label which suppose to be for reserved numbers only.

c) when site admin manually creating an order and adding numbers in an order manually (numbers that are not from EN data base) then change status to “active” the activation notification goes to email which is right BUT Carrier Look up information is missing in such notification messages. This issue we have been reported and i think you fixed it before but it is not working again. Could you please fix it too.