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Mark Hanson
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Good morning Nishit, thank you for a great news, we have run a preliminary checking on your advanced search and found the following issues that are previously reported and still present in your upgraded version of AS upgrade work:

1) there is an extra field on drop down which customers noticing and is not looking proffectional would you please advice why it is and if we can remove it.


2) When we summited a search 444 the whole page still keeps reloading and no instant numbers shooing up as we expected. Please advice if you require a video proof for that just in case as we may see different picture from what you see.
3) When customer select the state from the right hand site State search ” Colorado” for example the left hand side Are Code field remain the same and not being synchronized and keeps showing “All area codes” but we have already indicated our search zone (which is Colorado).

4)Same for Area codes when we select an area code 203 – Connecticut the right hand side State field still present as static and shows all states.
5) Please double check that – Search using numbers, letters, asterisks (*) or question marks (?) feature works on upgraded search as we suspect it is not always searches as expected.

6) Loading Gifs – as we noted there is still colorful dots loading bar present on EN pages as well as on AST (Advance Search Trail)page. There was a task some time ago to replace colorful dots loading bar for the animated globe gif so there is only one loading gif presents on AS future as well as on other EN pages.

7) We are aware that the AS design will remain the same however we would like to see some changes on new AS block such as statistic lines: Total numbers [% total numbers global%], [% total new numbers recently uploaded%], [% total numbers reserved%], [% total premium numbers global%](data from popular categories), Recently purchased (data from recent numbers purchased fetch 3 recent purchased #), Total Vanity Numbers[% total vanity numbers global%], and etc., it would be great to display all this data in a line moving line from right to left. Font total numbers (black font) then [% total numbers global%] red font. In front of the each stats title it would be great a little icon relevant to the title. For example if it is recently purchase (a $ icon), Vanity number (a Van icon) and so on.
More attractive AS look.

So the AS looks more professional more dynamic, 100% synchronized. the Stats data looks like on a stock exchange trading platform and so on.

I will also send these copy to finance so they most likely add more funds to it.
Please let us know if there is any questions.