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Mark Hanson
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Hello Nishit thank you for your, very good progress Nishit i have already sent your tasks for testing and awaiting for responds or comments on them, usually we allow some time to the EN site admins to respond and they do if they find some big mistakes but they may get back to us later on with some adjustments or comments and we will get back to you.

However after some time we still send your complete tasks to finance for payment procedure.
For #10690 yes please if you could send us a MockUp that will speed up our understanding as well as task cost estimate and approval.

For Product Page Search :
– as i have explained before can i just give you a short answer this time – so te site admin wants this product search to be able to search ANYTHING on this page Numbers, Orders and etc no mater how the search parameter input and all the searching info pops up immediately.

Currently site admin try to find something and if it is input not really accurate it does not find but it is hard for them to remember everting in orders this is why we need this improvement:
As an example if we have Nishit in our orders, when we input “Ni” – it should already auto suggest as Nicaragua , Nill, Nimea, Nishit and etc.. so site admin will find what they need.

for Overrule Reservation –
yes you are on the right direction, some customers keep some numbers under their control but submitting reservation for multiple times but however not buying the number. For example i found number 5555555 and reserved it and assuming to buy it but could not and then i wait or cancel reservation and re reserve it again. By doing so im not allowing any other customers to buy this number and in the same time not able to purchase it myself.

So when site admin sees such situation on that page site admin can untick this reservation which should equal stops customer’s reservation and when site admin ticks on this tick box again this number become reserved by site admin for unlimited period of time. This operation should be implemented from that backend area as per task description.

for your #10691 – hard to say as per task description i read: “Please ensure the mobile site looks professional and easy to navigate” we can ask site admins to clarify but it may take time for them to respond. I would suggest make a screen shot and where do you think to put this options we will advice to site admin to review and confirm or probably come up with an alternative decision.

thank you for your work