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Mark Hanson
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Hello Nishit, how is all going, i hope you doing well,
we overlooking at your drag & drop development, we understand that it is still in process but just letting you know about new comment come trough. When the column grabbed by mouse it jumps down the screen a way far from the cursor position i though we better send you a screen shot now rather while development is still under process:

Telinta developers are looking at your #10652 comment i hope will get back to you on that soon.
If there is anything we can check on this week let us know we will inspcet.

There is an other comment coming tough regarding advanced search, some ppl complain that it does search incorrectly, it gives wrong area codes upon searching, not finding numbers , mixing area codes with states and ect, would you please keep it in mind too as we would like you to fix it too.

Not sure if i able to request some funds for advanced search repair as we have already done it sometime and paid for development and fixes but we will check what we can do.