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Mark Hanson
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Hello Nishit, thank you for your updates, we still waiting for some updates from Telinta, however as we can see reports while you were doing something on Numbers Activations there was sometime when customers could activate their numbers but site admins not, hoping we will get a reply today so we can send it over to you.

for your #10654 –
1) Not really – the answer is in 2)
2) Once the mouse over a column and all the column highlighted or shadowed so it brings an effect of a column being stuck to a mouse cursor . This will already give an indication to the site admin that this highlighted column is now stuck to a mouse hovered and ready to be moved to a different location just by holding a left click of the mouse. So there is no need targeting an icon since entire column has been already got highlighted and indicating ready to be moved.

However i got your point here – by putting an icon to these columns we allowing site admins to see (without even mouse hovering or tapping on mobile) that these columns with an icons – are draggable and relocatable) this will help them to be navigated by the icon so on this page columns are draggable.

For example there are other pages similar on the EN admin side that are still remain static and there wont be any icons which means no drag and drop functions implemented there. Please make it nice so we will see how good and effective it is and we may do the same on other EN admin pages.