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Mark Hanson
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Hello Nishit thank you for your updates and changes on drag and drop page

it looks very raw but you are on the right path. It would be great to have an icon next to each column so it will be visible which column is actually draggable, also would you please make a mouse over effect when cursor hovers each column the column sticks to the cursor and when site admin holds the mouse key over selected column it can be dragged and moved to desired location.

For now as i have mentioned you got the task right and going on the right direction.

for number’s activation – as we expected will be some questions from you while working on this, we have forwarded your message to our Telinta developer to review your snippet and provide appropriate respond to your query so you will be able to rectify this issue.

I guess once we will get adviced parameters from Telinta Devs some of us will transfer them to you immediately.