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Mark Hanson
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Hello Nishit thank you for your message, it seems that you not responding to our #10637 and we strongly believe that the job mentioned in this job does not require 10 days 40 hours development process.

In fact as we mentioned to you earlier we not seeing any of your arguments which task in this job do you think is underestimated . First task basicity requires you to reply what errors you see while sending API request and our Telinta developer will give you a hint how to resolve this issue which is couple of hours work.

Drag and Drop task will take some time of yours and and we can discuss with finance to add some more funds to this task. Overall we can not find any of arguments working on this job for 10 working days unless you work on some other parallel projects.

Please let us know if you think our developers missing anything here and advice if you keen to proceed with this job.