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Mark Hanson
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Hello Nishit thank you for your message, we have updated your EN credentials on your office page did you try them? We tested it was working from our end. Please advice which what type of difficulties you have got? Are you able to login to EN admin side?

for your query: – the Telinta updated their OS and now EN customers unable to activate their phone numbers from EN via API. AS per task description please find updated Telinta API documentations and logs and find what changes needs to be made to fix this issue. Same for other functionalities. At this stage we only got a report about numbers activation failure and all other areas seems to be working.

Activation Sync: you can do this task after API Updates / Numbers Activation – here we simply want you to make the customers page with numbers activation display activation success without reloading the page so once activation done it shows straight away -successful so customers not get confused by leaving the page and reporting to the site admin that activation not successful. All websites already work this way and page reloading is a past times and we want to get rid of this from all processes across EN project.

Product Page Search – here is an admin product page, we have got multiple complains from the site admins so when they search client, number, order and etc. it requires full data entry to find the information but it is not always possible. Please make the search on that page working very sensitive if site admin input any characters Webm… so the search already suggest and brings up all the matching results to the site admin attention Webmaklay, @webmaklay and etc. Same for orders, numbers and all other parameters so the search response very fast and suggests all found characters no meter how they input. An other example if customer inputs “223” or “-223” the search should immediately sort and bring all the matching combinations available.

Please let us know if any more questions.