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Mark Hanson
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Hello Nishit i hope you have had a wonderful weekend!

Would you please aslo updated us on these tasks once finished with #10582

Voip Account Numbers –
Voip Links –
Numbers Display –

For #10583 you were right with this we have contacted our Telinta developer and he has confirmed their upgrades with Telinta OS. On this note can we ask you a question:

If this is the case and Telina or other Provider down and our notifications sent us a data base error messages – would you be able to make a condition for such notifications once external connections failed Data Base notifications comes with error details like ; External Provider is not accessible and {TIME} which after notifications wont be sent to the site admin until external connection has been reestablished again.

If so we will send this additional task to both Tech & Finance for confirmation and add this as an addition task to current job?