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Nishit Shan
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I already add the My @webmaklay email address to the notification email field.

for #10535 :

I checked the issue for the Great Numbers Inc. And here is what i found.

Here it displays user numbers direct from Telinta. And in this numbers detail there is a password available. For Great Numbers Inc the API does not provide any password with number details. This pass word is not like user login password.

Here are some screenshot, It gives you some more idea what I tried to explain.
Great Numbers Inc :

Webmaklay :

Voip Account Numbers – waiting for the answer for this task
question is : for which user portal is not load all numbers?
Voip Links –
a) I checked some link and fix it. Checking for other.
b) For load Port Out latest data admin have to click on the update button. It will load the latest data of the port out.
Numbers Display – Changes has been made for this issue