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Mark Hanson
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Hello Nishit thanks for being here,
we have been trying to upload new files of contact us module, we are in touch with FE developer he can look at this issue next week i guess as it is weekend here.

For your For #10380 yes we can see you made some changes on this form module but still it looks very poor qualify im not even reporting it to site admin as they already told us that they want their contact us form notifications changed and looking better so unfortunately it is still looking very bad.

For #10377 : yes if you can see i have disabled latest Contact Form Body with (B) on the file manager and we uploaded new files with Contact Form Body and we are going to investigate it later on and we stuck we will ask your assiatnce.

For Load more link for area code: we would love you to rather get that working to not waste your time on contact us form yet as we have contacted FE developer for advice.

Please if you could make the Load More link working properly that would be great,
Please let us know if we can do somthing from our end to make Load More link task done.

Also please advice if you will do For #10351 : so i can prepare funds request for finince?