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Mark Hanson
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Hello NIshit thank you for your #10287, can you input a condition so it detects PIN and display it as other orders? Although we believe since you find the cause it will be easy for you to find a resolution for it. Please just let us know when you resolved that so we can test again.

All these errors in this job just holding our back to go ahead with some other improvement tasks so hoping we can fix them all soon.

for #10286 – than you for updates will check these.

For #10282 – we have tried to order trough API -order #21889 but in the order there was no carrier recorded could you please check why it has not recorded a carrier? Please feel free to see the order https://excellentnumbers.com/admin/index.php?ToDo=viewOrders&orderId=21889
Please note we have already added Carrier to this order but when the order come we could see a notice “No Carrier found” we believe you still be able to track the issue.