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Mark Hanson
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Hello Nishit thank you for your updates and checking API library,
in #10261 could you please advice if you fixed the issue with the user account/auth key balance?

We have also received a detailed message from EN site admins regarding API work flow please read it below so it may help you to locate the problem.

============================= MESSAGE FROM EN SITE ADMIN STARTS ===============================

The API workflow.
We assuming and rely on your API development that customers uses our API code to display EN numbers on their websites so EN numbers can be purchase from our resellers web source.

All resellers have got their own auth.key

So our reseller’s buyers find EN numbers on each resellers websites then purchase this number on their website and then some resellers manually visiting EN site, finding number that’s been purchased on their website on EN numbers stock and obtain this number using their EN store credit.

In this case orders being generated as usual and our re sellers activate such numbers from their customers’ front end numbers activation page.

However, we have got a re seller whose developers automated such ( Reseller Web – EN Web) purchase process and this numbers showing on EN system as activated and some of them not activated. Those numbers that are not activated EN admin attempts manual activation in this case it generates new client on Telinta but for some reason (most of the time) it does not create a pin code ( not sure if it is missing a code or API calls) and this is why we can not see pincodes in our orders.

On the same note on EN orders such orders do not display service information (you said it has been fixed but it was not) please check.
Also when EN developer started working on EN Repairs we also noted that such orders started missing carrier lookup information, so please fix it.

Summarizing your API flow
The API provide multiple information to our re sellers who can choose which parameters to display and which not but we can not see any data and can not control this API functionality as there is no any API management interface where we could restrict/ allow/ add which information to display and which re seller. It would be also great to see some traceability about what’s been happening trough this API transaction flow, user names, clients, IP, web URL, time etc. Please advice if it is possible to achieve.

============================= END OF THE EN ADMINS MESSAGE ==========================================

Please note last part ( Summarizing your API flow )of the message above and let us know if we can do it for them so we will request new Job for this task.

We also waiting for additional information regarding your Backend(h) in #10249.

for: BTW I am moving on to fronted error for now and #10262 – thank you